Pilkington Obscure Glass Patterns

Pilkington Obscure Glass Patterns.


Pilkington obscure glass patterns have had a little shake up of late! about time i hear you say. Well it has taken them 10 years or so. The old Pilkington obscure glass patterns, were at best, well, boring. they remind me of my childhood and I’m no spring chicken. I will only give my my customers a choice of 2 patterns and at a push 3 if they don’t like my offerings, not because i cant be bothered, it’s that they are so out dated. Glass can be a feature, its just not for looking through

I just hope that it doesn’t stop there, 1 a year would suffice. I love the Oriel range that Pilkington offers, but it it tends to be out of the budget range of most customers. i have displayed below, the 2 new patterns below and i must say, that i quite like them

Pilkington Cassini Obscure Glass Pilkington tribal Obscure Glass


We soon be having samples for you to view.

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